Certificate IV in LEADERSHIP and Management

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* Suitable for candidates who are working or have access to a workplace environment.

Build on your current skills or further develop your knowledge with this mid level Management Course that gives you the confidence to take your career to the next level.

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Academy of Global Business Training is proud to offer the Certificate IV in LEADERSHIP and Management as an online Business Training qualification.

The program provides learners with skills and knowledge relating to managing a small business. This include general management skills combined with a vast array of skills used to develop a sound understanding of business requirements in today’s competitive environment. If you have middle line management personnel responsible for primary business functions, this is the course for them.

Learners will be empowered by this course and be equipped to lead and manage a small business or key areas within a large organisation. Learners will gain a nationally recognised qualification in the Certificate IV in LEADERSHIP and Management.   Click here for your Course Brochure

Potential careers outcomes:
Front Line manager Team leader
Manager Human Resources

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Course Details
National Code BSB40520
Qualification Certificate lV in LEADERSHIP and Management
Course duration Max 12 months
Delivery mode Online
Assessments Questions, case studies, E Portfolio of evidence and assignments
Associated With


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Month 1
  Coordinate Implementation of CS Strategies
  Session 1: customer service needs
Session 2: customer service strategies
Session 3: Evaluate and report on customer service
Month 2
  Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
  Session 1:Identify context for communication
Session 2: Clarify message and engage communication
Session 3: Take follow-up actions
Month 3
  Show Leadership in the Workplace
  Session 1 : Model high standards of management performance & behave
Session 2: Enhance organisation’s image
Session 3: Make informed decisions
Month 4
  Lead effective workplace relationships
  Session 1: Collect, analyse and communicate information and ideas
Session 2: Develop trust and confidence as leader
Session 3: Develop and maintain networks and relationships
Session 4: Manage difficulties into positive outcomes
Month 5
  Implement operational plan
  Session 1: Implement operational plan
Session 2: Implement resource acquisition
Session 3: Monitor operational performance
Month 6
  Lead team effectiveness
  Session 1: Plan to achieve team outcomes
Session 2: Lead team to develop cohesion
Session 3:Participate in and facilitate work team
Month 7
  Build client relationships and business networks
  Session 1: Initiate interpersonal communication with clients
Session 2: Establish client relationship management strategies
Session 3: Maintain and improve ongoing relationships with clients
Month 8
  Report on financial activity
  Session 1: Compile financial information and data
Session 2: Prepare statutory requirement reports
Session 3: Provide financial business recommendations
Month 9
  Implement continuous improvement
  Session 1: Continuous improvement systems & processes
Session 2: Monitor and review performance
Session 3: Opportunities for further improvement
Month 10
 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures & programs to meet legislative req.
  Session 1: Provide information to the team- WHS P & Procedures Implement & monitor
Session 2: Participation arrangements for managing WHS
Session 3: Organisational procedures for providing WHS training
Session 4: Procedures & legal req for identifying hazards & assessing/controlling risks
Session 5: Procedures for maintaining team WHS records
Month 11
  Undertake project work
  Session 1: Define project & Develop project plan
Session 2:Administer and monitor project
Session 3: Finalise and review project
Month 12 TAEDEL404:   Mentor in the workplace   

Session 1: Develop a mentoring plan
Session 2: Facilitate mentoring relationship
Session 3: Monitor mentoring relationship


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Entry requirements

Candidates should be working or have access to a work place environment.

**  It is essential that you undergo a Pre-Enrolment discussion with one of our Engagement Officers to ensure qualification suitability

Minimum education

  • School Certificate or equivalent or
  • relevant qualification or
  • relevant vocational experience.

Minimum age

Minimum age is 15 years. If you are under 18 your application must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Computer requirements

Students must have access to a computer/ laptop and a broadband Internet connection.   

Upon enrollment, you will be allocated your own Global Business Trainer email which will provide you access to our Learning Management System  and access to all of the multichannel virtual applications APPs.  Our Partnership with Google Education allows for multi communications points, 'docs' and 'sheets' and video conferencing for Training sessions.


Digital Skills

  • Creating, saving and editing  Google documents  * similar to MS Word
  • Accessing and searching the Internet
  • Downloading and saving documents from websites
  • Uploading documents through websites
  • Participating in online discussions
  • Compressing image files

English language requirements

If English is not your first language and you did not complete the last two years of secondary education in English, you are required to provide evidence of English language competency before

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Career opportunities

Job roles/titles vary across industry sectors. Whether you want to work as a team leader, supervisor or line manager, this course allows you to develop management skills that work in any industry.
Entry requirements – preferred pathway
While there are no formal educational requirements for entry into this course, the completion of the Certificate lll in Business BSB30120 or equivalent industry experience is the recommended pathway.

Career pathways

Students who complete this course may continue with a pathway that leads to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course from the Business Services Training Package. Completion of the Diploma or Advanced Diploma may lead to direct entry into a University.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Academy of Global Business Training recognises the skills and knowledge you have gained in other courses, life experience or at work. You may be able to have your prior learning recognised and credited against a course of study. Your online program will provide you with information on assessing your own skills against the qualification.

For further information call 

Phone: 02 8324 1481

Phone: 1300 132 628 
Email: Study@GlobalBusinessTrainer.edu.au 

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Payment Options

Step 1: Essential Pre-Enrolment Discussion

Before Payment is taken, one of our Engagement Officers will have a Pre-Enrolment Discussion with you to ensure course suitability.  By clicking the Enquire Now Button and completing the form will allow us to contact you to facilitate your application.


Step 2: Application form

We are required by law to collect personal data and your Unique Student Identifier.  Please ensure you visit www.usi.gov.au or provide sufficient identification for Global Business to obtain this on your behalf.


Step 3:  Payment for Certificate IV level is $5850

  • First payment of $1500 must be paid upon registration to enrol.
  • Scheduled payments will be no greater than $1500 in 15 day intervals


How to register

For registration, enrolment details and course enquiries Contact us and get the ball rolling!

Phone: 02 8324 1481

Phone: 1300 132 628 

Email: Study@GlobalBusinessTrainer.edu.au 


Terms and conditions

Upon Registration and payment of initial deposit you are enrolled in the course.

You will receive login in details at your first payment. Cancellations advised in writing within five days are eligible for a full refund minus a $25 transaction fee. This is the cooling off or grace period. Any cancellations made within day six 6 and day ten 10 will receive a full refund except an 25% administrative fee. If a course is cancelled you are entitled to a full refund.

Every effort was made to ensure this information was accurate as at September 2021. Changes may have taken place since that time. Contact the Academy of Global Business Training to confirm course details.

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