Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled Training is Subsidised by the NSW Government.

Under the NSW Smart and Skilled Program we are pleased to offer the following qualifications


Certificate lll in Retail Operations


Certificate lll in Business


Diploma of Business


Diploma of Human Resources Management

*The Full list of qualifications can be found here, you will be required to pay a fee for service to complete your qualification. 

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Policy and Procedures and Student Information - Smart and Skilled Resource Kit

Student Eligibility for Smart and Skilled-Academy of Global Business Training

To enrol for  Smart and Skilled training you need to meet certain conditions. To check if you are eligible to enrol in a course/traineeship you can go to an use the Eligibility Checker on the Smart and Skilled Website.

To check the student fee for the course you can use the Student Fee Calculator on the Find A Course page of the Smart and Skilled website

To be eligible for Government subsidised training, individuals must be:

· an Australian citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand Citizen, and
· aged 15 years or older, and
· no longer at school, and
· living or working in New South Wales.
Fee exemptions and concessions 
Fee exemptions and concessions will be available for students with special needs so they can access Smart and Skilled training in job related areas.
Students with a disability and their dependants may be entitled to a fee exemption for their first subsidised qualification in a calendar year, and a fee concession in subsequent courses in the same calendar year up to Certificate IV.
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students will not pay a fee for any government subsidised training.
Commonwealth welfare recipients and their dependants may be eligible for a fee concession in government subsidised training.
Academy of Global Business- TRAINEES
Any student registered as a NSW new entrant trainee will also be eligible for subsidised training under Smart and Skilled. Apprentice student fees will be capped at $2000 for qualification enrolments commencing in 2015.
Students enrolling in Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and some Certificate IV qualifications will have access to Commonwealth VET FEE-HELP loans. Students will only need to repay the loan when they reach a defined income level $51,308 per year in 2014.
What is the Unique Student Identifier and do I need one?
From 1 January 2015, all students participating in Nationally Recognised Training in Australia will need to have a Unique Student Identifier, or USI. A USI is like an account number and is made up of letters and numbers, giving you access to all of your student records and results in one place.